Audi to Microbus (Newbie) - How to get the Audi gearbox to work on M

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Hi All
Iam new, so my apologies for any trouble.
I have a 2.3 (Old Audi Engine-5 cylinder) with a gearbox and i would like to fit them into the Microbus. The engine and gearbox fits without problems but all the forward gears drives the car backwards and only reverse drives the car forward.
I would like to know if there is a modification that can be done to the gearbox to reverse this order, becuase i suspect it could just be a problem with the direction of the Diff.
Does anyone have a solution for me?
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Welcome to the board, probebly a lot easier to got to a scrap yard or a gearbox shop and get one from them, the whole internals of the gearbox are totally diffrent :cool:
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