Overfueling microbus 2.3

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Overfueling microbus 2.3

Post by Hanau »

Can anyone advise why my microbus 2.3 is overfueling
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Re: Overfueling microbus 2.3

Post by missioner »

Hi there

Let me take a deep look into my diagnostic crystal ball

Hold on there is something there...

It's getting clearer...

Just a little longer...

Yes! I am getting a picture....

I see it! Yes I know what you should do!

Lean closer so I can whisper to you, if the evil spirits that cause car problems hear me they will come and make more trouble for you....

The answer is to take the car to a mechanic. They need to look at the car and use tools to see the cause of your problem. They can do checks to verify that the various parts of the fuel system work correctly and accurately determine the faulty component.
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Re: Overfueling microbus 2.3

Post by mk2-phreak »

Clearly OP is running low on blinker fluid and exhaust grease
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