Mk1 jetta door dent/damage advise

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Mk1 jetta door dent/damage advise

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Hi all.

So on Saturday morning I made a quick stop at my local hardware store. After getting into my car and wanting to reverse out of my parking space I noticed my side view mirror was folded inwards. I thought it was strange but assumed a pedestrian perhaps just bumped it.

I get out of the car and walk around to go fold it back and notice that someone has some how bumped into my door leaving a massive dent (see pics). Image Image

the person responsible just took off leaving no details so I will be left having to pay/repair the damage on my own (I'm still a student so I don't have insurance)

Tried going to the police station but that was pointless as they were of no assistance, however I did manage to get the accident reported.

Long story short I am looking for advise on which route would be best to fix the damage, "luckily" it's only superficial body damage.

I did manage to pop out the majority of the damage and added some metal primer that was in my garage to the exposed metal to slow down rust. I needed to "straighten" the door as it would not open/close due to the dent. (see pic after diy straighten) Image

I am still a student working part time so funds are few and far apart after paying for studies/fuel so I'm looking for the most cost effective solution to get the door to look "decent" again.

Do I look at trying to source a spare door or get someone/shop to pull the dent "properly".

DIY as an option but my previous attempts at body work hasn't been the best.

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