Pressure washer choices.

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Pressure washer choices.

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I would like to ask advice from some of the detailing guys or those who have owned more than one brand pressure washer on quality, options and what to avoid when choosing one for personal use with foam cannon (CD one) (will be my first attempt at owning both). It will be used 2-3 times a month washing my own vehicles (3) and general use around the home. I have been reading through posts on the Karcher units and advise is K5 and up preferably K7 but they are very pricey.

What about the other brands (Ryobi, Bosch, Bennetts, husqvarna, stihl, rockworth... etc) or just Karcher is the best way forward?

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Re: Pressure washer choices.

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Owned a marcher k2 360 and a Bosch, preferred the Bosch so swopped the pressure pipe and gave the jar her to my old man, now have a marcher k7
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