1.2 TSI trendline wheels

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1.2 TSI trendline wheels

Post by Tmblaque »

Good day guys

I drive a 2016 polo tsi 1.2L. I would like to change my wheels to a 16'' of a comfortline 1.2L. I bought them already but the center bore seems not to fit. currently, my car has 14" that came with it but I think they added some "enlargement ring" on the wheel hub for the rim to fit. My question is does trendline and comfortline share the same wheel centre bore size and what is it?Thank yooooou
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Re: 1.2 TSI trendline wheels

Post by PoloRolo »

VW Polo CB size is 57.1mm & Yes the trendline and comfortline will have the same CB.

Are your new 16" rims OEM or aftermarket? If OEM it should be a direct fit.

The enlargement ring you are referring to is a spigot ring.
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