Removing Plasti Dip

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Removing Plasti Dip

Post by iLy »

Hi guys

Anyone have some tried and tested method of removing plasti dip from bumpers and flexible spoilers? This is the cheap and nasty no name version that was sprayed on and refuses to peel off in decently sized pieces

I can't justify spending R500 on Dip Dissolve for just one or two pieces that need to be done...
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Re: Removing Plasti Dip

Post by Jetta2 »

Most of the cheap knock offs do that.
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Re: Removing Plasti Dip

Post by MarshallGTi »

Couple years ago i had the knock-off dip on my wheels, had to use a wire brush and 80-grit sandpaper to get it off :fear:
It is an ingenius solution to a problem that should have never existed in the 1st place...

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Re: Removing Plasti Dip

Post by Drift Devil »

Turps worked well for me.

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Re: Removing Plasti Dip

Post by Stompie »

So i researched this before using Rustolem Plastidip on my wheels and according to youtube and some other articles, WD40 works wonders. Spray WD40 on all the plastidip and let it soak for 30min, use a pressure washer and it should just slide off.

So there you have two videos, one that seems to work great and the other that seems uh meh but perhaps the guy didnt let it soak long enough.

Or try Goo gone perhaps.
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