VWCSA Presents: Shield Soapy Sunday Social

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VWCSA Presents: Shield Soapy Sunday Social

Post by Ian_F »

Morning All.

In lieu of our July event and Clubhouse meet, we are meeting up at the new Shield Car Wash in Carnival City on Sunday 29 July.

This is due to a HOST of events over the coming weeks, and the non-availibilty of venues over our chosen dates.

While we are still planning our official event (moved to August), this is for us to get together and hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

Date: 29 July
Venue: Shield Car Wash - Carnival City
Time: From 10am
Cost: For your own wallet.

Convoy: We will meet at our usual meeting spot on the East rand, at Meadowdale Mall to leave at 9:15am.
Meeting time: 9am.


See you all there!
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Re: VWCSA Presents: Shield Soapy Sunday Social

Post by Sebz »

Can’t wait!

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