What is DubRun

Many of the VWCSA committee and members at the time had been watching a US DVD called DBadged featuring the DagBall Rally from 2005 - a massive convoy of VW and Audi enthusiasts from Providence, Rhode Island to Ocean City, Maryland to attend the annual H2O International show, and this proved to be the perfect base on which to build DubRun. So the planning started for the first ever DubRun to take place between Johannesburg and Durban to start on a chilly winter morning at 05:00 with around 20 cars and 35 people in attendance, making its way through the Free State, stopping for breakfast in Harrismith, on through the Natal Midlands, picking up some locals in Pietermaritzburg and finally arriving in Durban.

DubRun was the run down on the Friday of the weekend but this was only the start, with a small dyno day planned for the Saturday followed by a massive social on the Saturday night before the Autostyle Show on the Sunday which saw the VWCSA display a few select cars and set up a stand promoting the club. Everyone made their own back to Johannesburg either on the Sunday afternoon or Monday. And so DubRun was started and has grown over the years, with attendees from as far as Port Elizabeth and Cape Town joining in on the fun, rolling with friends and fellow enthusiasts, taking photos, filming, enjoying the fresh air and sometimes even snow.

Over the years DubRun has become its own entity and has somewhat invented its own personality, much like the Wörthersee tour in Europe. The numbers grow from year to year and in 2011 DubRun reached record numbers. This time a stop and a few laps at the Legendary Roy Hesketh Circuit in Pietermaritzburg was part of the itinerary where the Jo’burg guys were welcomed by the KZN Chapter of the Volkswagen Club of South Africa.

DubRun has grown to the extent that we parted ways with the annual Autostyle show and host our own event in collaboration with the KZN chapter. Think of it as a GP vs. KZN day, where each chapter presents its best rides a in the biggest cross provincial Show and Shine in South Africa. Different regions have different styles and it is always exciting to know what the guys on the other side are doing. This year promises to be even bigger and better and all attendees should be in for a real treat.

DubRun is not just about the drive down. Preparation for the event starts a week before the actual convoy where all participants meet up to collect their DubRun packs and also to meet the people about to embark on this great journey with them. The night before we depart everyone meets up again at various places around Gauteng for Tape-UP, this has become tradition and serves not only as protection from stone chips but also as a fun way to identify who is going down. Some of the guys go the extra mile with unique designs and creative taping as we like to call it.

Driving down the N3 with more than 60 of the hottest VW, Audi and other VAG cars in Gauteng creates a sense of pride and camaraderie, it is a feeling you cannot explain.