About us

The Golf GTi was first launched in South Africa in 1983 and with it being the original hot hatch, had a huge following. A number of these followers were interested in taking their Golf GTi’s further than they were permitted on public roads and felt that there should be an organized way to test the ability of their Golf GTi and themselves in a controlled environment. Thus the Volkswagen Club of South Africa (Originally known as the GTi Club of South Africa…) was born and enthusiasts could get together to share their passion for the original hot hatch, the Golf GTi.


The Volkswagen Club of South Africa is primarily aimed at uniting people who have a similar passion for the VW brand and its vehicles, but welcomes anyone who shows interest in joining the club. Events are held on a monthly basis and involve everything from social get-togethers to track days at various tracks in and around Gauteng. All motorsport type events are held in a controlled environment, under Motorsport South Africa rules and regulations with all the necessary safety back-up in place. The Volkswagen Club of South Africa is not involved in, nor does it condone any type of illegal racing.

The Volkswagen Club of South Africa is run by a voluntary, non-salaried committee who are elected each year by club members at an Annual General Meeting. The committee meets on a monthly basis to consider matters affecting the Volkswagen Club of South Africa and runs various sub-committees to give in-depth consideration to external matters, which affect the future of the Volkswagen Club of South Africa. We have a very active committee and should you wish to attend any of these meetings, you would be more than welcome to do so.